Our Company

What We Do

  • We help managers and teams to be successful.
  • We work with business leaders to identify what human resources practices will help them reach their business goals.
  • We coach managers and leaders to help them discover new insights that lead to new action.
  • We design human resources practices that are customized, practical and relevant to our clients’ businesses.
  • We help managers and leaders to get clear about where they are going, why and how they will get there.


Our Purpose

SparkHR is dedicated to helping individuals, managers and teams be successful in their work.


Our Vision

We believe that meaningful and engaging work helps us to live richer lives. Our vision is to create experiences where individuals, managers and teams enjoy growth, success and the achievement of goals.


Our Values

Credible – We are knowledgeable and we are experts in our field.

Trusted – We operate with discretion and integrity; we speak openly and we do what we say; we can be counted on to follow through with our commitments.

Collaborative – We partner effectively and develop solutions together; we respect our clients’ current realities and we build from what already exists; we acknowledge our clients’ history and refrain from imposing or judging.

Engaging – We love to learn about people; we create connections among people and get people involved.

Heart – We genuinely care about the people we work with and the contribution we make; we are sincere; what you see is what you get.

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