Organization Development

Everything DiSC Workplace™

  • Using a research validated learning framework, your team will discover their own work style and gain insights that will help them to appreciate and understand the styles of the people with whom they work every day. With this understanding, greater levels of collaboration and more effective working relationships result.

Organization Design and Role Definition

  • To implement your business strategy, your team needs the right roles with the work clearly defined. Without a well designed team and clearly defined roles, team member will experience ambiguity, overload, frustration or conflict. A critical step in preventing this is to organize roles. Doing so will improve focus, productivity and accountability.

Team Goal Setting

  • Does your team know what the top 3 goals are in your business this year? Having an engaged team means that the work of your team is aligned to the goals of your business. Everyone on the team knows what is important and each person knows how to contribute. Through a facilitated process, we can help your team develop goals that are focused and relevant.

Employee Feedback Initiatives

  • Do you know what is important to your team? How do you prioritize limited time and budget towards the types of things that your team really values in their work experience? Through online survey, focus group feedback or an interview process, we can gather information and present it to you in a clear, organized way that helps you take action.

Leadership Circle Culture Survey

  • Used for an organization or for a team, we understand the current experience of your team and will compare that to the desired culture the team aspires to have. The gap sets the direction for a facilitated action planning conversation. Equipped with this , you can move forward in a direction that matters and has impact in your business.

Talent Edge™

  • Numerous business will transition over the next several years. Is your business ready for a change in leadership? Add to that the increasing challenges of retaining key talent. We work with business to help them develop internal talent that will be ready to step into key roles in the future.