Management Coaching and Facilitation

Individual Performance Effectiveness Program

  • As a certified provider of The Emerson Suite, we’ll use this online tool to do a deep dive into your job. By the end of the coaching engagement, participants will have a crystal clear understanding of what success looks like in their current role. Participants experience greater focus, productivity and energy.

Your Best Work™ Coaching

  • We offer one-to-one coaching engagements to individuals who are interested in identifying specific actions that can be taken to jump to the next level of performance and achieve their goals. Using one’s personal objectives, as well as a 360 assessment as the starting point, participants engage in solution-focused conversations that will generate new perspectives, energy and action.

The Confident Coach™

  • SparkHR is a licenced provider of The Confident Coach – a workshop for front-line to mid-level managers focused on developing the coaching skills. Managers who are effective coaches are more successful at engaging their teams and achieving higher levels of performance.

Leadership Through People Skills™

  • Delivered in collaboration with Lake McLean Consulting, we offer mid-level to senior managers the opportunity to develop a set of skills applicable to most people issues. This program focuses on collaborative problem solving, creating clear structured approaches to communications, win-win conflict management, collaboration and influencing without using positional power. Supported back on the job with one-one coaching, leaders