Human Resources Support

HR Partnership Program ™

  • Through this program, HR objectives are identified that will support the implementation of your business plan priorities. We work collaboratively, focused on goals and target dates, to implement multiple aspects of the HR agenda .

Employment Policies

  •  Are Human Resources policies in compliance with legislative requirements? Are your organization’s requirements clearly communicated and easily accessible to employees? Through this work, we help you to develop and document practical employment policy commitments.

Employee Relations Support

  • Despite your best efforts, challenges may arise from time to time where you will require guidance to resolve a complaint, respond appropriately to a request for accommodation or terminate a team member’s employment. These are just a few examples of high-stakes employment situations where guidance from SparkHR can help you to navigate towards a solution.


  • You need someone new on your team and you aren’t sure where to start. We’ll help you to define your requirements and represent your organization in the market, sourcing and presenting candidates for your consideration. This saves you a ton of time as we’ll work on your behalf from start to finish, providing tools and guidance along the way to help you make your hiring decision.

HR Practices -  Assessment and Improvement

  • When a new employee starts with your organization, how quickly does the individual become productive? Is your recruitment process working for you or is your business a revolving door? A review of your HR practices will help you to see where gaps exist, what it is costing you and how to fix them.

Performance Management

  • Do employees and managers groan at the idea of a performance appraisal discussion? Is it a one-time a year event or is it even done at all? We work with our clients to develop and implement a practical approach to helping employees do their best work.

Compensation Program Development

  • We will work with you to build a compensation framework that will line up with the goals of your business. Compensation policies and practices that are sound and fair will ensure that your payroll dollars are spent responsibility and intelligently.