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January 8, 2018

What does the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act mean for your business?

On November 22, 2017, the Government of Ontario passed Bill 148, the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017. This legislation introduces significant amendments to Ontario’s Employment […]
January 8, 2018

The Importance of Connection at Work

You have on hand, and in abundance, an opportunity that every workplace needs. It will strengthen your team and positively impact your work experience. Did I […]
August 22, 2017

Breaking Bread and Finding Purpose

I had a grandfather who owned an Italian bakery. As a child, I spent a great deal of time, especially in the summer months, running through […]
July 27, 2017

Getting Back in the Saddle Again

Many years ago, I used to ride horses. It was an activity that was challenging and exciting and I had to be strong and confident to […]
July 27, 2017

When Change Gets Personal

Whether one is initiating a change or is having to respond to change that has been thrust upon them, reactions differ. Some people move through change […]
June 27, 2017

Changes to Ontario’s Employment and Labour Laws are Coming

Recently, the Ontario Government announced its plans to propose new legislation that will make changes to the Employment Standards Act and the Labour Relations Act – […]
June 27, 2017

Flexible Work Arrangements are Here to Stay

It was well over 20 years ago that I did my graduate research on the emergence of the home office. While I am admittedly aging myself, […]
May 16, 2017

Is every employee a good prospect for a flexible work arrangement?

The short answer is no. Despite the increasing popularity of flexible work arrangements, not everyone is suited for them. Therefore, it is important that organizations are […]
May 2, 2017

The 80/20 Rule

At times, workloads can seem heavy and tasks can feel daunting. In this guest blog, Darcy Roberts shares a perspective that can help one focus in […]