About Us

Liza Provenzano is the Founder and Principal Consultant of SparkHR.

An experienced HR professional, Liza works diligently with business owners and leaders to build workplaces in which all team members can contribute their best. She is a trusted advisor, problem solver, coach, facilitator and consultant who practices HR with “heart”. She cares about the impact of the HR work delivered by SparkHR and this is reflected in the delivery of the services.

Liza’s experiences were shaped by educational pursuits at the University of Windsor (Bachelor of Commerce) and at Queens University (Master of Industrial Relations) where she eventually focused her studies on understanding how effective and necessary human resources practices contribute to a sustainable and thriving business. Twenty years of progressive work experiences in large organizations provided ample opportunity to develop practical and in-depth experience and knowledge in the HR profession as well as develop managerial and leadership skills needed to lead a team. Taking on Senior Executive responsibility in various H.R. roles enabled Liza to successfully navigate through many business situations. She understands the challenges leaders face and is an avid supporter of the work that leaders do in the workplace.

A believer in the importance of ongoing learning, Liza makes a focused effort to stay current in emerging developments in employment and HR best practices.